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AirpiX: Our Drone Solutions

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AirpiX Drone Solutions: Your Premier Aerial Partner across Gosport, Hampshire and Southern England


Elevate your projects with AirpiX Drone Solutions – your trusted partner for hassle-free, reliable and seamless aerial data acquisition.


From comprehensive planning and securing flight authorizations to meticulous on-site risk assessments and inspections, our streamlined process guarantees a flawless experience. Count on us to provide tailored data processing and aerial media acquisition that precisely match your project requirements.


For your tailor-made solution don't hesitate to get in touch with us to get started.

Construction - Commercial and Industrial

AirpiX Drone Solutions offers comprehensive aerial media services to showcase the progress of construction sites over time. From video and stills to time-lapse, our visuals provide transparency, credibility, and enhanced project communication.

Utilize our data within your marketing and promotional efforts, impressing stakeholders and attracting new opportunities. Contact us today to leverage the power of aerial media for your construction projects' success.

New construction site - Minister Beach Development, Kent

Chimney and Lead Flashing Inspection

AirpiX Drone Solutions delivers comprehensive video and stills photography for roof furniture inspections, specifically focusing on chimneys and lead flashing.
Benefit from quick assessments in hard-to-reach areas, cost-effective drone inspections, and significant time and money savings for you and your clients. Make informed decisions with reliable and professional results from our skilled drone operators.

Contact us today to experience the advantages of drone-powered inspections for your roof furniture needs.

 Chimney Inspection - Gosport, Hampshire

Gutter and Roof Inspection

Blocked Guttering, Isle of Sheppey, Kent

AirpiX Drone Solutions revolutionizes roof and gutter inspections with its quick, cost-effective, and safe drone services.

Avoid the expenses of traditional methods while gaining valuable time and resource savings. Prioritize personnel safety by utilizing our drone technology to eliminate the need to work at heights.

AirpiX Drone Solutions for efficient and reliable inspection processes that deliver detailed and comprehensive results. Contact us today to experience the benefits of drone-powered assessments for your projects.

Brownfield Site Development

With viable building land in short supply and the government's drive to build more affordable new homes, there is a greater need to maximise the land that is available for building plots.

Discover how AirpiX Drone Solutions can help maximize building land potential with detailed high-resolution site videos and still images. Say goodbye to outdated Google Earth imagery
and pixelated views.

Overcome limitations of satellite imagery with   our drone solutions, providing clear and comprehensive visuals for planning and
surveying needs.

Brownfield Development - Minster Beach Development, Kent

Orthomaosaic Mapping

Drone Aerial orthomosaic photograph of Fort Gilkicker, Gosport, Hampshire. Overlaid on Google Earth. GSP for this image is 5cm. The Orthomosaic photograph os in colour and the Google Earth Map is in Black and White.

AirpiX Drone Solutions' Orthomasic Mapping delivers indispensable advantages to the construction and building industries. The precision and detail offered by drone-captured Orthomosaic maps provide a real-time and accurate overview of construction sites, enabling informed decision-making for project managers.

Google Map Overlaid with 212 stitched  photographs, creating an Orthomosaic Photograph of Fort Gilkicker, Gosport. (This example has an accuracy of 5cm GSD.)

This heightened visibility enhances project tracking, issue identification, and overall efficiency, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget. The streamlined surveying processes lead to significant cost savings, accelerating timelines and minimizing errors.


AirpiX's innovative drone technology empowers the construction sector, elevating operational efficiency and contributing to successful project outcomes.

Gilkicker 1.png

Football clubs, Sports Arenas, stadiums and
Golf Course Tee to Green Solutions.

Present your establishment to prospective members and visitors in an unprecedented manner, Enhance the allure of your sports stadium, football club, or golf course with AirpiX Drone Solutions. Providing breathtaking aerial perspectives, our offerings empower fans, attendees, and athletes to survey the arenas, pitches, and course layouts from the comfort of their surroundings. Present your establishment to prospective members and visitors in an unprecedented manner

Golf Courses

Enhance Your Golf Club Marketing
with Our Spectacular
'Tee to Green' Aerial Video!

Maritime - Vessels, Ports and Harbours

Sailing Vessel "Our Lizzy" on the River Solent, Hampshire

(Taken from a promotional shoot by AirpiX Drone Solutions) .

With a deep understanding of the maritime environment and years of experience working at sea both in the Royal and Merchant Navy, we know how to capture the unique character of each vessel, port, or harbour.

Our state-of-the-art drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras, ensuring every detail is preserved in stunning clarity. From promotional materials to documentation and beyond,
AirpiX Drone Solutions is your trusted partner for elevating your maritime visuals to new heights. Contact us today to discover how our expertise can enhance your maritime assets through captivating aerial photography.

Property Sales and Real Estate

Unlock the true potential of your property sales with AirpiX Drone Solutions' professional aerial images and videos.

Our modern cutting-edge drone technology captures stunning visuals from the air, providing a unique selling advantage that enhances property presentations and leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers.

AirpiX is not just certified to fly in the United Kingdom but is also authorized for commercial operations across the entire European Union.

Real Estate & Property Sales - Spain

Watermarked - Spain Real Estate.jpg

For more information about our individual services please visit the AirpiX Portfolio Tab.
Alternatively reach out and contact us for your tailor-made Aerial Media Solution

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