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AirpiX: Maritime Infrastructure and Shipping. 

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Maritime Infrastructure - Marinas, Piers, Locks, Docks and Harbours 

AirpiX can play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and safety of your marine infrastructure management, we can provide aerial images of your Docks, Ports, and Harbours.


Our drones are equipped with the very latest cameras which can conduct regular aerial inspections, 360° photos, Orthomosaic or Aerial Mapping which can provide you with an invaluable bird's-eye view of your critical infrastructure.

Our Drones can swiftly identify potential issues such as structural damage to cranes, Storage facilities, Building Infrastructure, Fendering or Piles. 

Airpix drone inspections can be used to capture images of areas of interest down to nut and bolt level allowing for immediate preventive or corrective actions.


Moreover, our inspections can significantly reduce the need for costly and time-consuming manual inspections, as our drones can access hard-to-reach areas often over water, with ease.


This not only saves time but also reduces operational downtime, ensuring that your infrastructure remains operational and minimises disruptions to your maritime activities. 

Alternatively, contact AirpiX about utilising aerial media for your Advertising and Marketing campaign for your Marina or Port.

Maritime - Vessels and Shipping

Drawing on extensive experience in both the Royal and Merchant Navy, our team possesses a profound understanding of the maritime realm. We excel in capturing the distinctive essence of your vessel, wether they are privately owned or fleet run.

Equipped with cutting-edge drones featuring high-resolution cameras, we preserve every detail with breathtaking clarity. Whether for promotional materials, documentation, or more, AirpiX Drone Solutions stands as your reliable partner in elevating maritime visuals.


Contact us today to explore how our expertise can enhance and showcase your maritime assets through captivating aerial photography.

MFV "Our Lizzy" - River Solent - July 2023

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