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AirpiX: Building Insection

Chimney and Roof Furniture Inspection

While brick chimneys are known for their durability, they are not impervious to damage. Over time, exposure to moisture can lead to cracks and deterioration, particularly during freezing and expansion cycles.

When the mortar weakens, it can jeopardize the chimney's structural integrity, potentially causing it to tilt or even collapse if necessary reinforcement measures are not taken.

Working with
AirpiX, drone inspections of your chimney, can detect potential issues quickly and easily which can be attended to promptly saving you time and money.

Guttering and Down Pipe Inspection

AirpiX Gutter inspection service offers a comprehensive solution for identifying and addressing various common issues.

Below are just two such issues:

Blocked Guttering: Blocked guttering is a prevalent problem in gutter maintenance. Employing drones allows us to access hard-to-reach areas and efficiently inspect gutters from above. This vantage point helps identify blockages caused by leaves, debris, or other materials, ensuring proper drainage and preventing potential water damage to your property.

Water Freezing in Gutters: During colder seasons, water freezing in gutters can lead to structural damage and ice dams. Drones can conduct inspections capturing real-time images that reveal ice buildup and areas prone to freezing. This information allows for timely preventive measures to protect your gutters and property

Roof Inspection

Flat and apex roofs are both susceptible to various problems that can arise over time. Flat roofs, for instance, are prone to water ponding, where water accumulates due to inadequate drainage, leading to leaks and structural damage. They are also vulnerable to membrane degradation, which can result from exposure to UV rays and weathering, causing the roof to lose its integrity.

On the other hand, apex or pitched roofs can face issues such as damaged or missing tiles, which can expose the underlying structure to moisture and lead to leaks. Snow and ice accumulation can also be problematic, as the weight and thawing can cause damage to the roof's structure and create potential for water infiltration.

Regular inspections carried out by
AirpiX Drones can be crucial for both types of roofs to address these issues promptly and ensure their long-term durability and functionality

Building Renovation and Regeneration work

Throughout the duration of your renovation project, AirpiX specializes in capturing aerial media. This media both 4K video
and stills images are not only visually engaging but also serve as powerful tools for promoting your project, facilitating property sales, and highlighting your project's ongoing progress.

We invite you to contact us, so we can discuss and explore the ways in which we can collaborate on your unique projects, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs and goals

Drone image of building work on a two story house in Gosport, Hampshire

House Renovations - During Renovation.

Gosport, Hampshire

Drone aerial image of completed building work on a two story house, in Gosport, Hampshire

House Renovations - Completed Work.

Gosport, Hampshire

Rental Apartment block post renovation inspection work in Estepona, Southern Spain - October 2023