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AirpiX: Gosport's Premier Professional Drone and Photographic Solution Provider.


Fort Gilkicker Regeneration Work, Gosport, Hampshire -  2024

Aerial Media Aquisiton

AirpiX offers a hassle-free and reliable experience for your aerial missions.

From meticulous planning to conducting on-site risk assessments and site surveys, we ensure a smooth process from start  to finish. Trust us to deliver tailored data processing and media acquisition that perfectly aligns with your project  needs.  

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AirpiX offers quick and cost-effective assessments of hard-to-reach areas through drone roof and gutter inspections. Avoid the expense of scaffolding or cherry pickers and save time and money for you or your clients. With drones ensuring safety by eliminating the need for personnel to work at heights, discover how our services can streamline your inspection processes.

Property Development
and Construction

AirpiX  offers comprehensive aerial media services, including video, stills, and time lapse, to showcase the progress of construction sites over time. Utilize the data collected for marketing and promotional needs, providing captivating visuals that highlight your projects' development and success.

Estate Agency & 
Real Estate

Discover the power of high-quality aerial images and videos by AirpiX Drone Solutions to boost property selling potential. Give potential buyers a unique perspective with stunning aerial views, showcasing boundaries, gardens, and outbuildings.

Attract potential buyers utilising AirpiX External and Internal 360° property photography package, using the very lastest in drone techhnology and Insta360 camera system.

Aerial Mapping and 3D Modeling

AirpiX Drone Solutions can achieve aerial mapping with 1cm accuracy by utilizing high-resolution cameras and advanced photogrammetry software to capture and process overlapping images into precise 3D models. By implementing precise flight planning and GPS technology, the drones ensure consistent and accurate data collection for detailed mapping. For more information call us now to.

Storm Damage

In the unfortunate circumstance that your property suffers damage, AirpiX is here to assist you. Our professional team can provide high-quality aerial media, tailored specifically for your insurance company or surveyor. With AirpiX, you'll get a comprehensive visual documentation of the damage, making the claims process smooth and efficient.

Leisure and Tourism

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing and customer engagement, using drones within the Leisure and Tourism industry has become a game-changer.

Discover how incorporating drone technology can revolutionize your marketing campaigns showcase your attraction in a unique way and elevate your customer's online experience, with

AirpiX as your preferred Aerial Media service provider.

New Projects undertaken

At AirpiX, we offer cutting-edge aerial media services that can take your projects to new heights. Whether it's photography, videography, or another types of aerial media, our skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment ensure exceptional results. 

If your specific aerial media requirements are not listed, don't worry. Contact us, and together we can explore how we can assist you in fulfilling your unique needs.

 Comprehensive Aerial Media Acquisition Coverage.

This is a photo of a construction site Known as Minster Beach Development, in Minster on the Isle of Sheppey Kent. The photogrph shows  a housing development with houses and buildings in the background. The photo is an Drone aerial perspective taken by AirpiX Drone Solutions using a DJI Mavic Classic. The construction site is located on a street with houses on either side. The construction site is filled with construction equipment and materials. The background consists of houses and buildings with red roofs. The photo is taken during the day.

Building & Roof Inspection

Maritime - Vessels, Locks & Docks

Property Development and Construction

AirpiX: Why choose us.


CAA Qualified Pilot

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) professionally qualified and certified drone Pilot.

Airpix is certified to Operate Drones in 28 Countries


GVC Pilot

GVC (Multi-Rotor) with an Operational Authority and CAA PDRA 01 to fly in the Specific Category.


A2 Certificate of Competence

Competent to fly in the Open Category within the UK and throughout the Europe Union


Fully Insured

Public Liability Insurance fully compliant with CAA & EASA EC 785/2004


GDPR Compliant

General Data Protection Regulation 2016 Compliant. European Aviation Safety Agency GDPR for drone managers certified

First Aider_edited.jpg

First Aider

Choose Peace of Mind.

Qualified Health and Safety

at work First Aider

Ensuring a Safer Workplace. 


Continuous Training

In House monthly  Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program in both practical and theoretical training.


Writen Risk Assessments

CAA auditable on-site surveys and risk assessments completed prior to the commencement of all flights.


All flights are weather dependent. We will work with you to complete your flight as soon as reasonably practicable should it be delayed by weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

(For the latest BBC Local Weather Forecast please click on the weather symbol)

Are you new to drones and live locally to Gosport, Fareham or Portsmouth?

Whether you've just unwrapped a new DJI Drone or you are embarking on your journey to obtain CAA Certification then our pilot Mark is here to guide you.


Qualified to teach in Adult Education and Training and with years of instruction experience in the British Army, Mark is well-equipped to assist you in becoming a confident drone pilot.


If you live locally in the Gosport, Fareham or Portsmouth areas, please call or email and discover how AirpiX can support you on your on going drone-flying adventure.

 Whatever your Aerial Media needs,
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AirpiX today 
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